A little about me

Born and raised in Denver, I’ve always had the natural drive to do my best. Bored with the status quo, I graduated from high school early and gained a full-ride scholarship to Stephens College. I graduated with my four-year degree at the top of the Dean’s List in only three years. From there I pursued my dream of traveling the world.  From South America to China, to the base camp at Mt. Everest and many, many places in between, I worked as an independent contractor in Japan and Hong Kong to support my passion for adventure. When I returned home, I focused on helping others through volunteer work, massage and physical fitness. I love Denver, the state of Colorado, the Rocky Mountains and everything this wonderful place has to offer.  My core passion of helping others has guided me to real estate (though I still love teaching fitness classes a couple times a week 🙂 ) My current calling includes using my skills and experience in helping others to enjoy the process of buying or selling their homes.  My goal is to direct my determination and hard work to helping protect my clients from unforeseen pitfalls, help them make informed decisions, and take the worry out of the process.  If you’re interested, I can also share a story or two about my travels.  My husband loves the story about my stay with a family in a Mongolian yurt.