2024 Home Design Trends Report

As you prepare to sell your home, understanding the latest design trends will set your property apart in a competitive market. Our 2024 Home Design Trends Report offers a comprehensive look at what’s making waves in the world of luxury and sustainable living—transforming ordinary spaces into coveted sanctuaries that captivate and charm buyers at first glance.

Among many aspects of real estate that are constantly changing, design trends are among the least evergreen. Design trends continuously shift depending on various influential factors such as the time of year, sustainability options and social media trends.  Today’s homeowners are increasingly seeking ways to transform their living spaces into personal sanctuaries, emphasizing a sense of comfort and well-being. Engel & Völkers’ 2024 Design Trends offers a breakdown of the trends we will see emerge this year, and those we are waving “bye-bye.”

What’s In? Luxurious Minimalism.

The approach referred to as “luxurious minimalism” is set to redefine the modern living experience, and become the prevailing trend. A common trend we are seeing across the board, including in real estate, is the comeback of character, embracing the natural architecture and authenticity of the original home design. 

Curved, Organic Lines & Arches

The incorporation of curved, organic shapes and arches will take center stage, offering a visually interesting way to infuse comfort into home interiors and exteriors. The use of curvilinear furniture, asymmetrical mirrors, and organic architectural elements are ways to add a sense of flow and grace into living spaces.

Mixing Various Natural Materials & Blending Textures

Diverse textures and natural materials will continue to elevate the ambiance of homes, with the addition of materials such as bouclé, linen, and untreated wood. The juxtaposition of smooth and rough textures can help create a tactile and visually appealing environment, while unique organic-shaped rugs and design elements will further enhance the overall aesthetic.

Authentic Luxury

The deliberate display of cherished items and celebration of the beauty of imperfections will add an authentic touch to living spaces, allowing homeowners to showcase their unique personalities. In the pursuit of a personalized and character-rich interior, homeowners will incorporate vintage finds, statement furniture, and unexpected accents, such as molding, mixed textures, and uncommon color combinations.

What’s Out: The 2023 Trends Not Making the Cut in 2024

From ultra-minimalism to painting over the natural materials that give character to the home, there are many trends we bid-farewell to in 2024. It’s time to say goodbye to these outdated trends:

Ultra-minimalist: As we step into 2024, we are bidding farewell to the recently popular ultra-minimalist look. Homeowners are now drawn to spaces that embody depth and dimension, instilling a unique sense of individuality and warmth.

Monotone or White And Gray Monochromatic Color Schemes: Along with saying goodbye to extreme minimalism, the monotone or white and gray monochromatic color schemes that once dominated the landscape of interior design are going away with it. 

Painting Over Natural Materials: In the same vein, there is a revival of allowing the raw beauty of organic textures and earthy tones to be the decor in your home. This year, we are going to see way less painting over natural materials like wood, fostering an environment that exudes warmth, authenticity, and a timeless appeal.

Having Everything Match: The period of uniformity and perfect coordination is giving way to a celebration of individuality and eclectic charm, with homeowners wanting to express their unique tastes and preferences in their living spaces. 

Learn more about design trends “ins and outs” in our 2024 Home Design Trends Report.

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