2022’s Overarching Design Trend: Curves

“It takes more effort and care to create curves.” -Mario Bellini

Throughout the twentieth century architects, interior designers and homeowners alike have been enamored with modernism’s sleek, clean angularity. Which should come as no surprise as our world has continued to shift with global changes and technological advances that have introduced many to a new way of living and embracing the world.

While modern and minimalist homes continue to be trendsetters, the early years of the twenty-first century have left us wondering—is there room for more? Designers’ unwavering confidence in modernism has started to make room for organic, curvilinear architecture along with furniture and home decor that innately bring warmth and life to our homes.

“It takes more effort and care to create curves.”

Mario Bellini

A Modern Take

Architecture’s permanency implores designers to fashion long-lasting spaces that define generations. Early into 2022, many architects and clients are investing in new homes that, pivoting their design interests to include modern takes on arches. Historically rich, arches are a striking home element which help characterize the spaces we live in.

Interior Design & A Space for Play

Interior designers are reveling in the chance to create spaces that prioritize feeling over aesthetic.

Just as beautiful as their counterparts, these interiors are created with visual comfort and energy in mind. As homes become a mainstay for leisure, social and professional time, designing them to include spaces with functional appeal and positive energy is a must for many homeowners. 

Arched doorways, curved walls, and spiral staircases are examples of whimsical elements which oppose the assumption that white-box rooms are the way to go. These contoured aspects of interior design welcome guests into the home through their unique warmth and personality.

Furniture Designers & Redefining Luxury

Through furniture, nature and culture converse. The softness of sculptural, organic furniture encapsulates a desire for safety, warmth and benevolence. Designers have played a major role in establishing comfort as the ultimate luxury, creating sought-after organic homes with furniture resembling rolling hills, ponds and raindrops.